Antibacterial wipes in hospital setting

Hospitals have a strict cleaning and disinfection schedule that is followed rigorously. In addition, sensitive areas such as OTs, critical care rooms and ERs receive special attention by the cleaning crews.

However, this process has two significant shortcomings that often undo the efforts of the cleaning and janitorial staff. These shortcomings are very relevant to hospital settings and are a common occurrence in all hospitals.

The first of these shortcomings is the spills and general messes that happen all the time in any hospital. They are not restricted to just nurses’ station or the wards. Spills are very common occurrences in labs where chemicals and even patients’ samples have been known to crash to ground.  

During day hours, cleaning staff is on standby to deal wit these issues. They are quick to mop up the mess and disinfect the area using the standard hospital strength chemicals. In many cases, these disinfectants and cleaning compounds have a large quantity of bleach in them.

The second shortcoming of the cleaning rituals of hospitals is the constant threat of cross-infection from medical equipment. This is no imaginary scenario. Shared medical equipment such as ECG machines and stethoscopes has been known to start cross-infection that usually takes an ugly turn. Patients already have a weakened immune system that simply could not cope with another infection. The result is that instead of getting better, patients are worse off after every round of the nursing staff.

Both these shortcomings could not be adders by changes to the cleaning schedule of the hospital. Given the size and traffic received, a hospital’s cleaning staff is barely able to cope with once a day cleaning and disinfecting rounds. For a busy hospital with a number of operations scheduled and a very active ER, it is difficult to keep the threat of cross-infection at bay.

So how could hospitals plug this gap?

Antibacterial wipes are the best solution for this problem. The wipes are inexpensive so will not burden the already stretched resources of the hospital. The nursing staff and the patients themselves could use them with no prior training.

There is a rising trend of placing Antibacterial wipes at strategic locations in the hospitals. The most obvious places where these wipes could be found are the nursing stations, entrances to wards and by shared medical equipment. In several instances, there is a wipes dispenser in every office in the hospital.

Antibacterial wipes are essential in containing spills. In the case of minor spills, these wipes are enough to contain and cleanup the mess. Larger spills could be contained so that the cleaning crews do not have to deal with a large cleanup job.

Antibacterial wipes are also great in reducing the incidences of cross-equipment infection. An ample supply of wipers beside the equipment station would encourage the nursing staff to wipe things off between patients. In fact, this has entered into the official SOPs of many hospitals. This simple precaution is enough to reduce the chances of cross contamination significantly.

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Hand Hygiene: A Closer Look at How Hand Wipes Can Help

The World Health Organization reports that there are thousands of annual death around the world that occur from infections that are acquired when people are receiving healthcare.  Hands are described as the main pathway for the transmission of infections.

However, a healthcare setting is not the only setting in which people can spread germs and disease through their hands. There are many situations in which people have germs, viruses or bacteria on their hands and they then touch objects that other people come into contact with. In an office, for example, someone might come to work with a cold, a flu, or some other type of contagious illness that they could end up spreading to their co-workers.  

While most of the viruses and illnesses that are spread in the workplace are just going to end up making people sick and not be fatal, there are some exceptions to this.  For example, MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant organisms are spreading more and more frequently today thanks to overuse of antibiotics. Even a simple flu could be deadly to someone with a weakened immune system, and a worker could also take home a flu that makes elderly relatives or kids sick (people who are older or younger are more likely to die from the flu).   Outbreaks of sicknesses like Swine Flu can also come up unexpectedly and make people sick.

The risks are simply not worth taking when there is a simple solution.  World Health Organization states that the “preferred mean for routine hygienic hand antisepsis if hands are not visibility soiled.”  In other words, using hand wipes may be the preferred and recommended solution. Your office should provide these wipes and make them readily available throughout the office in order to help avoid the risk of serious illness.

Hand Wipes Are Key to Hand Hygiene

The World Health Organization has expressed a preference for hand wipes because the use of wipes can be “more effective, and better tolerated by your hands than washing with soap and water.” In other words, people who are concerned about germs and infection should strongly consider taking the advice of the WHO.

Hand wipes can not only be more effective in many ways than washing your hands, but they can also be much faster and easier to use. For example, WHO recommends that proper hand washing with soap and water could take between 40 and 60 seconds once you are at a source of water.  

The use of hand wipes can be much faster. When employees are at work, they may not feel like taking a lot of breaks to walk to a bathroom or kitchen sink and spend a full minute soaping up and washing their hands.  Provided you have made hand wipes conveniently available throughout your office area, the employee could simply grab a hand wipe and get clean.

By helping to reduce the risk of illnesses like infections caused by germs, employers benefit from the boost to employee morale and from having employees who take fewer sick days.

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How You Can Improve Business Productivity with Hand Wipes

Hand wipes are something that should be found in every office and workplace. For business owners and office managers, hand wipes can serve an extremely important function: they can make employees much happier and much more productive so more work can done.

How You can Improve Productivity With Hand Wipes

There are a lot of important ways that hand wipes can help you to maximize productivity in your place of work. Here are a few of the key ways that hand wipes can work for you:

• Hand wipes can reduce the number of sick days that employees take. When someone cleans their hands frequently, they reduce the chances of germs, viruses and bacteria getting into the body. A person who has clean hands and who brings less germs into his or her body is going to get sick less often and is thus going to need to take less time away from work.  When an employee calls in sick, it seriously undermines productivity as you will either be short-staffed or you will need to bring in someone to do the work (and that person usually isn’t going to be as well-trained and is going to take time getting up to speed on the necessary tasks).  The fewer sick days an employee takes, the less money and time will be wasted.
• Hand wipes can reduce the number of employees who get sick.  Germs can spread quickly throughout the workplace. All it takes is one person with a cold or the flu and the whole office could end up being out sick as a result of exposure to the germs.  Hand wipes reduce the chances that this will occur. Hand wipes can help to stop the spread of germs when employees make regular use of them to clean their hands. This means that you will have fewer employees spreading illness and less people getting sick and needing to take time off.
• Hand wipes reduce the time needed to clean the hands. When employees need to wash their hands and they get up and go to the bathroom to do it, this can take several minutes to accomplish. During this time, the employee is obviously not getting any work done.  When there are hand wipes available throughout your office in easily-accessible locations for every worker, people can grab hand wipes more frequently. This can mean less bathroom breaks and more productive time spent doing the job.
• Hand wipes can increase company morale. If your employees are happy and they feel as though the company cares about them, they are more likely to work harder and do a better and more productive job at work.  Happier employees are also less likely to leave for a different position, thus forcing you to go to the time and expense of finding someone new.

These are just some of the many important ways that hand wipes can improve productivity in your place of business. Order hand wipes today to start experiencing the benefits that wipes can offer to your company.

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Where in Your Office Should You Put Hand Wipes?

Having hand wipes is a very good idea in any office environment and in any workplace. Keeping these wipes available and readily accessible to staff, customers and clients is one of the key ways that you can make sure your working environment remains a healthy one. You can also boost employee and workplace productivity by making sanitizing wipes available both because employees won’t need to take so many bathroom breaks to wash their hands. You can also reduce the number of sick days that employees take as wipes prevent germs from spreading from person-to-person.

The Importance of Promoting Regular Use

While hand wipes have a huge number of benefits in an office environment, you are only going to be able to take advantage of reaping those benefits if the wipes that you provide are actually used regularly.  In order to have the best chance of the hand wipes being used on a regular basis, you need to make sure that they are conveniently located throughout the office where people will see them and grab them.  For most offices and workplaces, it is a good idea to have multiple different locations where hand wipes are available and where employees can take a minute to grab one and clean their hands.

Where to Put Hand Wipes In Your Office

To help ensure that you have the very best chance of employees using hand wipes, you need to think about how your individual office works. Where do people congregate the most? Is it around a water cooler? Do employees tend to stay at their own desks most of the time or do they routinely go to the reception desk? Think about where people spend their time and then put the hand wipes in these locations in a prominent spot where the majority of people will see them on a regular basis.

While every office is different and has different cultures and working environments, there are certain locations that generally tend to be a good spot for hand wipes to go in any office or workplace environment. Some of the places where you may wish to strongly consider putting hand wipes for employee use include:

• Near a shared coffee machine. If there is a coffee machine in your office that people use, chances are good that they visit the machine regularly. You should have wipes available there so that employees are reminded to wipe their hands every time they get coffee. This is especially important since people might touch the shared cabinet where mugs are kept or the coffee maker, which is touched by many, and then put their hands to their mouths when drinking, thus increasing the chances of spreading germs into the body.
• In an employee kitchen. Like the coffee machine, this is a good place to put hand wipes especially because people will be eating soon after visiting the kitchen.
• Near a shared copier or printer. This is another spot that lots of people in the office touch.

These are just a few possible suggestions. Think about where people in your office congregate and be sure to put hand wipes there.

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Stock Up on Hand Wipes for the Winter Germ Season

The winter is a time when a lot of people tend to get sick.  Cold and flus are very common as the weather gets bad and as a lot of people tend to spend time together indoors in close quarters.  Bad winter weather and a high risk of illness can impede productivity at many businesses as employees are forced to call in sick because they are ill.

Fortunately, there are ways that employers can try to reduce the chance of an employee being exposed to germs and illnesses and falling ill. One of the best ways that an employer can help to protect the health of employees during the winter cold and flu season is to provide hand wipes conveniently located at various spots throughout the office area.

How Wipes Can Help Reduce the Risk of Winter Colds and Flu

Hand wipes can prove to be an invaluable tool in helping to reduce the risk of a winter cold or of a flu that causes an employee to be out of work for days.  Regularly cleaning the hands helps prevent the spread of germs that can quickly work their way throughout the office and make many people sick.  Not only that, but when individual employees wash their hands on a regular basis before touching their mouth or eyes, they have a significantly reduced chance of transferring germs into their own bodies and becoming ill.

Of course, employees could also stay healthy and avoid getting sick from winter germs with regular hand washing, but this may not be as effective as the use of wipes. They are also easier to use and thus employees are much more likely to use them regularly.

Everyone wants to avoid getting sick during the winter, but it can seem like a lot of effort in the middle of a work day to get up from the desk and go to the bathroom or kitchen and wash the hands with soap and water. When employees bring in goodies like winter holiday cookies or candy in celebration of winter holidays, employees may also not think about going to the bathroom and washing their hands before partaking, thus further increasing the potential chance of transmitting germs and getting sick.

By making sanitizing wipes available at multiple convenient locations throughout the office, you can help to ensure that the hand wipes are used regularly. People will see the wipes and will make the choice to grab one and wipe off their hands far more frequently than they would think about going to wash their hands and making the conscious choice of actually getting up and going to the bathroom and doing it. You can also put hand wipes out when people do bring in goodies and treats to encourage hand washing at the time when it is most needed.

Ordering bulk wipes and putting them around the office is a low cost thing to do and it can pay dividends in terms of keeping your employees safe, productive and on-the-job. Every office should have hand wipes and now is the time to order them if yours doesn’t.

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Hand Wipes Should Be Available at Your Office Parties and Events

Office parties and holiday events are always a festive activity, whether these parties occur to celebrate milestones achieved by your staff; to celebrate the birthdays of people who work for the company; or to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or other national or religious holidays.  Regardless of what the excuse is for having a party, it is important that everyone have a good time and that everyone stay safe.

One of the things that you should be concerned about when you throw a holiday event or celebration, especially if the event is during the workday or when people are on lunch hour, is that there could be germs spread.  People often have germs on their hands from working all day or from doing activities around the office.  When you have a holiday party, these germs could be spread from person to person if you don’t take the right precautions.

Hand Wipes Can Help Keep Holiday Parties Safe

When people come together for a holiday office party, everyone is likely to be touching the food and drinks that are available. People at the party who are eating are also likely going to be touching their mouth with their fingers, which means that when they get germs on their hands, those germs, viruses and bacteria can more easily transfer into their mouths.

When people have come from work all day, there may be many, many germs on their hands from everyone they shook hands with or from everyone they used the phone or other office equipment after.  Making hand wipes available reminds people who have just come to the party that they should use a wipe in order to make sure that their hands are germ-free and that they aren’t accidentally endangering their co-workers by exposing them to things that could make them sick. When an employee wipes his hands on a wipe before taking some food, this also means that there is a reduced chance of that employee transferring germs inside of his body and also getting sick.

If you invite clients and guests to your holiday party, it is also important to ensure that hand wipes are available to them as well. People will feel more comfortable sharing food and drinks and sampling the treats that you provide at a holiday party if they know they have a way to clean their hands (and that others also have a way to clean their hands) before they touch the food or eat.

The hand wipes that you provide at a holiday party should be easily accessible so that everyone, employees, clients and guests alike, can reach out and grab a hand wipe when it is needed. You can consider buying hand wipes in bulk and having several locations throughout the party where the hand wipes are available for guests to use to wipe their hands.

By making sure that you help encourage everyone to clean their hands to avoid germs, and by providing the tools that people can use to clean their hands, your party can be a great success without risk of all of your staff and clients falling ill.

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Making Hand Wipe Use a Habit


Employers can benefit greatly when employees make regular use of hand wipes during the course of the workday. When an employee uses a hand wipe or a sanitizing wipe, it can reduce the amount of germs and bacteria on the employee’s hand. This not only helps the worker to avoid getting sick, but it also helps to avoid an illness caused by viruses or bacteria from spreading throughout the office.

Sickness Doesn’t Just Hurt Employees

Any time workers are sick, an employer’s business suffers. A worker who is not feeling very well is not going to be able to work as effectively or as efficiently as an employee who is in prime health. In a worst-case scenario, a worker will be too ill to come to work at all and an employer will be forced to hire a temporary replacement to do the job that the sick worker would otherwise do.  This reduces productivity and significantly increases costs to an employer.

Employers should thus do everything possible to help protect employees from becoming sick and to prevent an outbreak caused by the spread of germs in a work environment. Not only does this help an employer to maintain the most productive work environment possible, but it also benefits the workers who are healthier and happier and who know their employer cares about their well being.

While employers can undertake a lot of different tasks to protect the health of workers, including organizing employee wellness events, one of the simplest things that an employer can do that will make a big difference is encouraging employees to make use of hand wipes regularly.

Making Hand Wipe Use a Habit

Employers can encourage workers to use hand wipes by making hand wipes readily available in the office, by putting the wipes in a convenient location, by making the wipes easy to remove from a dispenser and by posting reminder signs about the benefits of using the wipes.

Employers, however, likely don’t want to continue reminding employees all the time about the benefits of making use of the hand wipes and they also don’t want employees to just casually forget that the wipes are there.  The best way to ensure that wipes are used regularly (and that workers aren’t annoyed by reminders to use them) is to make it a habit.

When behavior is habitual, it becomes very automatic. When a certain trigger or stimulus occurs, the person with the habit is going to be inclined to do the same habitual sequence of events that is always done. For example, an alarm going off could be a stimulus that triggers a person to wake up and down their morning routine by brushing their teeth and making coffee.

Employers, therefore, may want to encourage employees to form a habit of regularly wiping their hands with a hand wipe.  Since it takes around 30 days to develop a habit, employers may want to have a 30-day challenge where workers use hand wipes regularly or may wish to ensure there are reminders up about hand wipe use for at least 30 days.    If workers get into the habit of using the wipes, they are likely to continue on a regular basis and both worker and employer can enjoy all of the benefits that go along with keeping the hands clean.

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4 Reasons To Use Antibacterial Wipes


Nowadays, you must have noticed that a lot of people carry antibacterial wipes in their bags and also keep them in their homes as well as work places. Do you have any idea why the trend to keep such toiletries have increased with the passage of time? The answer is simple. With time people have become more hygiene conscious and they understand the importance of health, which is why they focus on buying products, which can assist them, in staying clean. These wipes are best to clean and keep the germs away that may cause different healthy issues.

Following are some of the reasons which explain why people prefer to use wipes instead of other off the shelf products available for the same reason:
Easy to buy

One of the major reasons to buy these wipes is that they are easy to purchase. In order to buy wipes of your choice, you can visit any toiletry shop. Besides this, you can also place an online order any time you want to get your desired product at your doorstep within few days. However, it is important to first research on the repute of the retailer; he might end up selling you a bad quality product which might have the opposite effect. Always buy the product from the well known retailer to enjoy all the benefits of the quality product.
Available in variety

The trend to buy sanitizing wipes has increased which is why the availability has become a non-issue. Now you can buy wipes with different fragrance, which means that now you do not only stay clean and germ free but can also enjoy the fragrance you like. Apart from this, buying the wipes according to your skin is also possible. For example, if your skin is sensitive then you can buy dye free wipes with the fragrance of your choice.
Easy to carry and use

Sanitizing wipes are easy to carry and use. They are almost weightless and you can carry them anywhere you want with ease. The usage is easy too; just open them, use them, and throw them. There is no need to wash the wipes or store them for future use once you have already used them.
Usage of distinct purposes

Last but not the least, antibacterial wipes are not one of the specific use products, and thus, can be used for distinct purposes. Whether it is about cleaning the office desk, gym equipment, your hands, or anything else where you need cleanliness, you can use these wipes. The best part is that these wipes not only clean the belongings but also make them germ free, which is important these days to avoid poor health.
For a safer environment and good health you should definitely spare some money to purchase antibacterial wipes so the chances of you catching any germs is minimum and as a result you can enjoy a healthier and perkier life style.

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How to Encourage Your Employees and Customers to Use Sanitizing Wipes


As a business owner, the last thing you want is employees who are sick and who are not able to come to work as a result of being ill. Sick days cost productivity and they can actually cost you money if you need to hire a temp worker to come in and fill in for the person who is out with an illness.  

Of course, you also do not want your customers to fall ill either, especially if they get sick after being exposed to germs at your store or shop.  Making sure your employees do everything possible to stay healthy is one way to actually protect your customers since they won’t be exposed to someone who could infect them as the customers interact with your workers.  

However, you also need to provide a clean, sanitary and safe environment for both customers and employers, which means doing more than just keeping sick employees off the floor.  The best way to protect everyone involved, from the workers to the customers, is to fight the spread of germs in the workplace by using hand wipes.

Encouraging Employees and Customers to Make Use of Sanitizing Wipes

These wipes can be really effective at killing germs and, in many cases, are a better way for people to clean off their hands than using soap and water to wash. Most people don’t wash their hands correctly or wash their hands for long enough to free their hands of germs and bacteria that could cause illness and infection.  Using a sanitizing wipe can clean the hands more quickly and easily, and can also be much more convenient.  A wipe that results in the removal of unhealthy and dangerous organisms can allow workers and customers to avert serious illnesses like the flu and bacterial or viral infections.

Unfortunately, sometimes employees and customers won’t always take the time to use a sanitizing wipe.  As an employer and business owner, you are going to want to encourage these people at your worksite to make sure that they are using the wipes you provide for them.  So, how do you do that?

There are a number of different ways that you can encourage employees and customers to make use of sanitizing wipes. For example:

• Make the wipes very easy to grab. You should have a convenient dispenser that allows someone to simply reach in and grab out a wipe to use. If people have a hard time getting the wipes out, they may decide not to even waste the time and effort trying. When you buy bulk wipes, you can often find a dispenser that fits those wipes perfectly and that you can place in your business space.
• Put the wipes in an accessible location. The wipes should be where people can see them and where they are easy to grab and use so that employees and customers don’t have to go out of their way.

By making it as simple and easy as possible for those at your business to use wipes that sanitize, you can do a lot to improve health for all involved.

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When is the Right Time to Add Hand Wipes To Your Office?


Hand wipes are a great addition to any office space because they provide many benefits to workers. Hand wipes make it easier for people to keep germs and bacteria off of their hands so they do not get sick.  Hand wipes allow you to avoid the time and hassle of going to the bathroom to wash your hands and they can often be more effective at cleaning off dangerous organisms from the hands.  Employers who provide hand wipes in their office space benefit from happier employees who are more productive and who don’t need to take sick days off, while employees can have a boost of morale and have a healthier work environment as a result of the addition of hand wipes to the space.

If your business doesn’t already have hand wipes, however, you may wonder when you should introduce this important product to the office environment.  

When Should You Add Wipes to Your Office

The reality is that businesses should add sanitizing wipes to their office right away if they do not have them already.  Hand wipes are a very cost-effective and affordable way to improve the health of employees and employers will more than make up any small costs associated with buying bulk wipes as a result of the increased productivity of healthier and happier employees.

Hand wipes are necessary at all times and in all seasons because there is always some risk that employees will bring in germs, get sick and spread their germs to other workers.  While hand wipes may be most important during prime flu season, people can get a variety of different viral or bacterial conditions throughout every season.   When kids go back to school, for example, parents will suddenly be exposed to a host of new germs that their children bring home with them. Fall and winter bring flu season and spring brings rainy weather that can lead to colds and other illnesses.   

Now, especially, there is no reason to wait to add hand wipes to your office, especially as flu season is fast approaching and people who work in your space may be eager to find solutions to avoid potentially getting the flu.  There is, however, not ever a bad time to bring hand wipes to your office.

When you add hand wipes to your office, it is a good idea to think strategically about where the wipes can be placed so that everyone who works for you is easily able to access them. If the hand wipes are located too far away from where people would be most likely to use them—such as the company kitchen before making lunch—people are not going to embrace the wipes and begin to use them regularly. If the hand wipes are conveniently located, on the other hand, workers are likely to reach for them every time they eat or come into contact with something like a copy machine that lots of people touch and that could thus make them ill.  

So, order your hand wipes today and add them to your office so your employers can stay healthy this season and beyond.

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