Where in Your Office Should You Put Hand Wipes?

Having hand wipes is a very good idea in any office environment and in any workplace. Keeping these wipes available and readily accessible to staff, customers and clients is one of the key ways that you can make sure your working environment remains a healthy one. You can also boost employee and workplace productivity by making sanitizing wipes available both because employees won’t need to take so many bathroom breaks to wash their hands. You can also reduce the number of sick days that employees take as wipes prevent germs from spreading from person-to-person.

The Importance of Promoting Regular Use

While hand wipes have a huge number of benefits in an office environment, you are only going to be able to take advantage of reaping those benefits if the wipes that you provide are actually used regularly.  In order to have the best chance of the hand wipes being used on a regular basis, you need to make sure that they are conveniently located throughout the office where people will see them and grab them.  For most offices and workplaces, it is a good idea to have multiple different locations where hand wipes are available and where employees can take a minute to grab one and clean their hands.

Where to Put Hand Wipes In Your Office

To help ensure that you have the very best chance of employees using hand wipes, you need to think about how your individual office works. Where do people congregate the most? Is it around a water cooler? Do employees tend to stay at their own desks most of the time or do they routinely go to the reception desk? Think about where people spend their time and then put the hand wipes in these locations in a prominent spot where the majority of people will see them on a regular basis.

While every office is different and has different cultures and working environments, there are certain locations that generally tend to be a good spot for hand wipes to go in any office or workplace environment. Some of the places where you may wish to strongly consider putting hand wipes for employee use include:

• Near a shared coffee machine. If there is a coffee machine in your office that people use, chances are good that they visit the machine regularly. You should have wipes available there so that employees are reminded to wipe their hands every time they get coffee. This is especially important since people might touch the shared cabinet where mugs are kept or the coffee maker, which is touched by many, and then put their hands to their mouths when drinking, thus increasing the chances of spreading germs into the body.
• In an employee kitchen. Like the coffee machine, this is a good place to put hand wipes especially because people will be eating soon after visiting the kitchen.
• Near a shared copier or printer. This is another spot that lots of people in the office touch.

These are just a few possible suggestions. Think about where people in your office congregate and be sure to put hand wipes there.

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