Making Hand Wipe Use a Habit


Employers can benefit greatly when employees make regular use of hand wipes during the course of the workday. When an employee uses a hand wipe or a sanitizing wipe, it can reduce the amount of germs and bacteria on the employee’s hand. This not only helps the worker to avoid getting sick, but it also helps to avoid an illness caused by viruses or bacteria from spreading throughout the office.

Sickness Doesn’t Just Hurt Employees

Any time workers are sick, an employer’s business suffers. A worker who is not feeling very well is not going to be able to work as effectively or as efficiently as an employee who is in prime health. In a worst-case scenario, a worker will be too ill to come to work at all and an employer will be forced to hire a temporary replacement to do the job that the sick worker would otherwise do.  This reduces productivity and significantly increases costs to an employer.

Employers should thus do everything possible to help protect employees from becoming sick and to prevent an outbreak caused by the spread of germs in a work environment. Not only does this help an employer to maintain the most productive work environment possible, but it also benefits the workers who are healthier and happier and who know their employer cares about their well being.

While employers can undertake a lot of different tasks to protect the health of workers, including organizing employee wellness events, one of the simplest things that an employer can do that will make a big difference is encouraging employees to make use of hand wipes regularly.

Making Hand Wipe Use a Habit

Employers can encourage workers to use hand wipes by making hand wipes readily available in the office, by putting the wipes in a convenient location, by making the wipes easy to remove from a dispenser and by posting reminder signs about the benefits of using the wipes.

Employers, however, likely don’t want to continue reminding employees all the time about the benefits of making use of the hand wipes and they also don’t want employees to just casually forget that the wipes are there.  The best way to ensure that wipes are used regularly (and that workers aren’t annoyed by reminders to use them) is to make it a habit.

When behavior is habitual, it becomes very automatic. When a certain trigger or stimulus occurs, the person with the habit is going to be inclined to do the same habitual sequence of events that is always done. For example, an alarm going off could be a stimulus that triggers a person to wake up and down their morning routine by brushing their teeth and making coffee.

Employers, therefore, may want to encourage employees to form a habit of regularly wiping their hands with a hand wipe.  Since it takes around 30 days to develop a habit, employers may want to have a 30-day challenge where workers use hand wipes regularly or may wish to ensure there are reminders up about hand wipe use for at least 30 days.    If workers get into the habit of using the wipes, they are likely to continue on a regular basis and both worker and employer can enjoy all of the benefits that go along with keeping the hands clean.

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