When is the Right Time to Add Hand Wipes To Your Office?


Hand wipes are a great addition to any office space because they provide many benefits to workers. Hand wipes make it easier for people to keep germs and bacteria off of their hands so they do not get sick.  Hand wipes allow you to avoid the time and hassle of going to the bathroom to wash your hands and they can often be more effective at cleaning off dangerous organisms from the hands.  Employers who provide hand wipes in their office space benefit from happier employees who are more productive and who don’t need to take sick days off, while employees can have a boost of morale and have a healthier work environment as a result of the addition of hand wipes to the space.

If your business doesn’t already have hand wipes, however, you may wonder when you should introduce this important product to the office environment.  

When Should You Add Wipes to Your Office

The reality is that businesses should add sanitizing wipes to their office right away if they do not have them already.  Hand wipes are a very cost-effective and affordable way to improve the health of employees and employers will more than make up any small costs associated with buying bulk wipes as a result of the increased productivity of healthier and happier employees.

Hand wipes are necessary at all times and in all seasons because there is always some risk that employees will bring in germs, get sick and spread their germs to other workers.  While hand wipes may be most important during prime flu season, people can get a variety of different viral or bacterial conditions throughout every season.   When kids go back to school, for example, parents will suddenly be exposed to a host of new germs that their children bring home with them. Fall and winter bring flu season and spring brings rainy weather that can lead to colds and other illnesses.   

Now, especially, there is no reason to wait to add hand wipes to your office, especially as flu season is fast approaching and people who work in your space may be eager to find solutions to avoid potentially getting the flu.  There is, however, not ever a bad time to bring hand wipes to your office.

When you add hand wipes to your office, it is a good idea to think strategically about where the wipes can be placed so that everyone who works for you is easily able to access them. If the hand wipes are located too far away from where people would be most likely to use them—such as the company kitchen before making lunch—people are not going to embrace the wipes and begin to use them regularly. If the hand wipes are conveniently located, on the other hand, workers are likely to reach for them every time they eat or come into contact with something like a copy machine that lots of people touch and that could thus make them ill.  

So, order your hand wipes today and add them to your office so your employers can stay healthy this season and beyond.

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