Hand Wipes Should Be Available at Your Office Parties and Events

Office parties and holiday events are always a festive activity, whether these parties occur to celebrate milestones achieved by your staff; to celebrate the birthdays of people who work for the company; or to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or other national or religious holidays.  Regardless of what the excuse is for having a party, it is important that everyone have a good time and that everyone stay safe.

One of the things that you should be concerned about when you throw a holiday event or celebration, especially if the event is during the workday or when people are on lunch hour, is that there could be germs spread.  People often have germs on their hands from working all day or from doing activities around the office.  When you have a holiday party, these germs could be spread from person to person if you don’t take the right precautions.

Hand Wipes Can Help Keep Holiday Parties Safe

When people come together for a holiday office party, everyone is likely to be touching the food and drinks that are available. People at the party who are eating are also likely going to be touching their mouth with their fingers, which means that when they get germs on their hands, those germs, viruses and bacteria can more easily transfer into their mouths.

When people have come from work all day, there may be many, many germs on their hands from everyone they shook hands with or from everyone they used the phone or other office equipment after.  Making hand wipes available reminds people who have just come to the party that they should use a wipe in order to make sure that their hands are germ-free and that they aren’t accidentally endangering their co-workers by exposing them to things that could make them sick. When an employee wipes his hands on a wipe before taking some food, this also means that there is a reduced chance of that employee transferring germs inside of his body and also getting sick.

If you invite clients and guests to your holiday party, it is also important to ensure that hand wipes are available to them as well. People will feel more comfortable sharing food and drinks and sampling the treats that you provide at a holiday party if they know they have a way to clean their hands (and that others also have a way to clean their hands) before they touch the food or eat.

The hand wipes that you provide at a holiday party should be easily accessible so that everyone, employees, clients and guests alike, can reach out and grab a hand wipe when it is needed. You can consider buying hand wipes in bulk and having several locations throughout the party where the hand wipes are available for guests to use to wipe their hands.

By making sure that you help encourage everyone to clean their hands to avoid germs, and by providing the tools that people can use to clean their hands, your party can be a great success without risk of all of your staff and clients falling ill.

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