Stock Up on Hand Wipes for the Winter Germ Season

The winter is a time when a lot of people tend to get sick.  Cold and flus are very common as the weather gets bad and as a lot of people tend to spend time together indoors in close quarters.  Bad winter weather and a high risk of illness can impede productivity at many businesses as employees are forced to call in sick because they are ill.

Fortunately, there are ways that employers can try to reduce the chance of an employee being exposed to germs and illnesses and falling ill. One of the best ways that an employer can help to protect the health of employees during the winter cold and flu season is to provide hand wipes conveniently located at various spots throughout the office area.

How Wipes Can Help Reduce the Risk of Winter Colds and Flu

Hand wipes can prove to be an invaluable tool in helping to reduce the risk of a winter cold or of a flu that causes an employee to be out of work for days.  Regularly cleaning the hands helps prevent the spread of germs that can quickly work their way throughout the office and make many people sick.  Not only that, but when individual employees wash their hands on a regular basis before touching their mouth or eyes, they have a significantly reduced chance of transferring germs into their own bodies and becoming ill.

Of course, employees could also stay healthy and avoid getting sick from winter germs with regular hand washing, but this may not be as effective as the use of wipes. They are also easier to use and thus employees are much more likely to use them regularly.

Everyone wants to avoid getting sick during the winter, but it can seem like a lot of effort in the middle of a work day to get up from the desk and go to the bathroom or kitchen and wash the hands with soap and water. When employees bring in goodies like winter holiday cookies or candy in celebration of winter holidays, employees may also not think about going to the bathroom and washing their hands before partaking, thus further increasing the potential chance of transmitting germs and getting sick.

By making sanitizing wipes available at multiple convenient locations throughout the office, you can help to ensure that the hand wipes are used regularly. People will see the wipes and will make the choice to grab one and wipe off their hands far more frequently than they would think about going to wash their hands and making the conscious choice of actually getting up and going to the bathroom and doing it. You can also put hand wipes out when people do bring in goodies and treats to encourage hand washing at the time when it is most needed.

Ordering bulk wipes and putting them around the office is a low cost thing to do and it can pay dividends in terms of keeping your employees safe, productive and on-the-job. Every office should have hand wipes and now is the time to order them if yours doesn’t.

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