How to Encourage Your Employees and Customers to Use Sanitizing Wipes


As a business owner, the last thing you want is employees who are sick and who are not able to come to work as a result of being ill. Sick days cost productivity and they can actually cost you money if you need to hire a temp worker to come in and fill in for the person who is out with an illness.  

Of course, you also do not want your customers to fall ill either, especially if they get sick after being exposed to germs at your store or shop.  Making sure your employees do everything possible to stay healthy is one way to actually protect your customers since they won’t be exposed to someone who could infect them as the customers interact with your workers.  

However, you also need to provide a clean, sanitary and safe environment for both customers and employers, which means doing more than just keeping sick employees off the floor.  The best way to protect everyone involved, from the workers to the customers, is to fight the spread of germs in the workplace by using hand wipes.

Encouraging Employees and Customers to Make Use of Sanitizing Wipes

These wipes can be really effective at killing germs and, in many cases, are a better way for people to clean off their hands than using soap and water to wash. Most people don’t wash their hands correctly or wash their hands for long enough to free their hands of germs and bacteria that could cause illness and infection.  Using a sanitizing wipe can clean the hands more quickly and easily, and can also be much more convenient.  A wipe that results in the removal of unhealthy and dangerous organisms can allow workers and customers to avert serious illnesses like the flu and bacterial or viral infections.

Unfortunately, sometimes employees and customers won’t always take the time to use a sanitizing wipe.  As an employer and business owner, you are going to want to encourage these people at your worksite to make sure that they are using the wipes you provide for them.  So, how do you do that?

There are a number of different ways that you can encourage employees and customers to make use of sanitizing wipes. For example:

• Make the wipes very easy to grab. You should have a convenient dispenser that allows someone to simply reach in and grab out a wipe to use. If people have a hard time getting the wipes out, they may decide not to even waste the time and effort trying. When you buy bulk wipes, you can often find a dispenser that fits those wipes perfectly and that you can place in your business space.
• Put the wipes in an accessible location. The wipes should be where people can see them and where they are easy to grab and use so that employees and customers don’t have to go out of their way.

By making it as simple and easy as possible for those at your business to use wipes that sanitize, you can do a lot to improve health for all involved.

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