Sanitizing Wipes Make Cleaning The Hands Simple

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that hands be cleansed after using the toilet; when exiting areas where animals are; prior to eating; before preparing foods; and when removing clothing or shoes that have been soiled.  Unfortunately, many people in a work environment do not wash their hands at each of these times. Those who go have a cup of coffee or their lunch at work, for example, may not stop and wash their hands before they prepare food or have a bite to eat.

Even those who do wash their hands on a regular basis may not do so in a way that truly sanitizes and cleans the hands. The CDC recommends, for example, that hands first be wet by running water and then soap be applied to the palms. You are then supposed to rub your hands together, create a lather and then vigorously scrub your hands together for twenty seconds before rinsing soap off.   Many people do not do this, instead running their hands under water for just a few seconds or even not using soap when they have soiled their hands.

The lack of proper hand washing is very common throughout corporate America and it can create situations where workers get sick and where illness spread throughout a business after someone brings germs in. This can significantly impact productivity at the workplace if everyone is calling in sick. Fortunately, this should hopefully be avoidable by providing sanitizing wipes in strategic locations.

Cleaning the Hands with Sanitizing WipesImage

Sanitizing wipes eliminate the hassle of having to go to the bathroom, get soap, wash your hands for 20 seconds and find disposable paper towels to wipe the hands on. Instead, you can simply and easily cleanse your hands using a sanitizing wipe.

Sanitizing wipes are so simple and easy to use that those in your office will generally be significantly better able to avoid the spread of germs.  Not only that, but because you can place sanitizing wipes in various locations throughout your office, you can also encourage people to cleanse the hands more. When people see sanitizing wipes, they will be reminded that they really ought to wash the dirt, bacteria and germs off of their hands. Since they can just grab a wipe and get their hands clean, they are much more likely to do that than to go to the bathroom and lather up for 20 seconds.

Since sanitizing wipes can help to encourage people to clean their hands more frequently and since sanitizing wipes can help people to do a better job with cleaning their hands, they can make a big difference in how healthy employees are at your office.

By placing sanitizing wipes in the staff kitchen, in the area where people hang up their coats and at various other locations throughout the office, you can generally improve the overall health of your workforce. This, in turn, can translate to more productivity and more profit for your company- all because of a simple thing like cleaner hands.

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